Aerobics Oz Style - A Voyeur's Dream

Aerobics Oz Style gets Australia - and the world moving each morning. This innovative 30 minute keep fit program was the first of its type and can be seen Monday to Friday on the Ten Network in Australia. Filmed on location at many of Sydney's most beautiful landmarks, a highly skilled & erotic fitness team demonstrates the latest in aerobic instruction and health tips. Approximately 40 million people worldwide view the show each weekday morning and through a range of best selling videos. Since 1982 well over 4.5 thousand episodes have been recorded, making Aerobic Oz Style one of Australia's outstanding television success stories.

Unfortunately some of the SEXIEST Aerobics Oz Style shows recorded never make it to video or DVD, but now thanks to access been gained to a large database of past recorded shows, that have been combined into 4-5 episode DVD's, we can begin sharing these awesome sexy shows with YOU!

The DVD's listed below are only a small sample of what we have. If you are interested in additional DVD's, please email us for a list.

aos aerobics oz style fitness DVD

What You Get when ordering via us...

  • A high quality DVD reproduction
  • On average there are 4-5 daily shows recorded per DVD
  • View leotard & lycra clad fitness babes in action
  • Close up leg splits, squats, bouncing boobes, camel-toes & more!
  • MEMBERS SPECIAL: All current paying members of get 1 FREE DVD per month, just pay the US$9.50 postage charge. Additional DVD's can be purchased by members at just US$9.95 each plus Postage. Members can place their monthly order via the SPECIAL LINK in the Members Area, where there are also full instructions.

Our first DVD on offer is AOS1 which contains 5 daily shows recorded from April 22 and March 3rd 2004.


DVD's contain a MENU and the shows are ADVERT FREE.

DVD's will play perfectly in PC DVD players and most will play on TV connected DVD's players.

Finally you can gain access to some of the HOTTEST aerobics action available!

1. AOS-1 DVD PRICING: US$19.95 + US$9.50 postage charge.

Click on separate menu images below for screen caps of each exercise routine:

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2. AOS-2 DVD PRICING: US$19.95 + US$9.50 postage charge.

Click on separate menu images below for screen caps of each exercise routine:

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3. AOS-1 + AOS-2 DVD's PRICING: US$39.90 + US$9.50 postage charge.

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4. AOS-3 PRICING: US$19.95 + US$9.50 postage charge.

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5. AOS-4 DVD PRICING: US$19.95 + US$9.50 postage charge.

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7. 2000 Fitness America Pageant DVD PRICING: US$19.95 + US$9.50 postage charge.

Click on separate thumbnail images below for screen caps of various routines from the DVD:

Womens Fitness Routine 1
Womens Fitness Routine 2
Womens Fitness Routine 3
Womens Fitness Routine 4


Shipping Details: Flat charge of US$9.50 per DVD unless a combined order. All shipping originates from New Zealand.  Shipment will be via international courier.  Orders are generally shipped on the day after full payment received.
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AOS Personnel

  • June Jones — instructor and demonstrator, a founding member of the show.
  • Wendi Carroll — instructor and demonstrator
  • Taryn Noble — instructor and demonstrator, recently joined.
  • Helen Tardent — instructor for the pilates shows, joined the series with the introduction of those shows. Tardent was previously a professional dancer at the London Royal Academy of Dance and now owns and operates a Pilates studio in Double Bay, Sydney.
  • Mia Baker — demonstrator and former jazz dancer.
  • Emma Whitty — demonstrator.
  • Jacqueline Green — demonstrator and former international sport aerobic and fitness world champion (2004) along with Kelly Piper and Karen Lake.
  • Kelly Piper — demonstrator and former international sport aerobic and fitness champion (2004) along with Jacqueline Green and Karen Lake.
  • Kate McCracken — demonstrator and dancer.
  • Erinjayne Gard — demonstrator.
  • Harry Michaels — executive producer, previously director and former actor on Number 96.

Past personnel

  • Michelle Dean — instructor and demonstrator, a past winner of the world aerobics title.
  • Jodie Low — demonstrator, winner of the 1996 Miss Fitness Australia title.
  • Michelle Nicholas — demonstrator
  • Effie Michaels — costume designer, previously a demonstrator (married to Harry Michaels).
  • Shannon Dolan — instructor and demonstrator
  • Robyn Lambourne — demonstrator
  • Raymond Smith — instructor and demonstrator
  • John Novak — instructor and demonstrator
  • Marcus Irwin — instructor and demonstrator
  • Jayne Leslie — demonstrator (daughter of former 60 minutes reporter, Ian Leslie)
  • Gina Good — demonstrator, 2x World Aerobics Championship Representative.
  • Michelle Newland — demonstrator
  • Michael Reid — demonstrator
  • Rebecca Bowles — instructor and demonstrator
  • Bret Paton — instructor and demonstrator
  • Anton Scott — instructor and demonstrator
  • Cheetah Zylstra — demonstrator
  • Natalie Michaels — demonstrator (daughter of Effie and Harry Michaels)
  • Natasha Stuart — instructor and demonstrator
  • Jaynie Seal — demonstrator (partner of Ed Phillips)
  • Kelly Martinovich — instructor and demonstrator
  • Jose Garcia — instructor and demonstrator
  • Debbie Green — demonstrator
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